Basic Info: Gekkou Edit


Age: 22

Friends: Kieran, Hax, WingedDemon

Family: Fawxy, Kurtis

Relationships: None

Appearance: Lightish Skin, Black Hair thats part icy, icy jacket, red tie, white pants, red boots, blue sleeves.

Abillities: Martial Arts, Controls Ice And Snow.


Bio: Gekkou Edit

A man who grew up on an island. He got on an accident, he well, he got ice abilities. He was friends with Kieran, best friends with Winged. And was somehow friends with a fawx. And well, it was an ice fawx. Together Gekkou and The Fawx created a baby through ice, it was born. Gekkou got tired of his job working for Kieran, he commited suicide.