Hax Example

Hax is a mature person who tends to lead very strictly but can have a funny side. Hax has multiple jobs on the server, people rely on him to build stuff and form terrain. He is the creator and owner of Cosmitopia, his first intentions were to create a small server that people can play Minecraft survival normally on called Lapis Miners Federation, The name was chosen in memory of his favorate server Redstone Miners Federation.

Backstory Edit

Hax was born as a normal human. He loved to explore and find cool looking things. One day he came across a strange mineral , he began to mine it and fainted. He woke up in a hospital with a heart transplant due to a critical heart faliure. He then went back outside and lived normally for a few months. Little did he know that the planet he was on was about to be devoured by a hypernova. He walked outside and looked at the sun with a pair of sunglasses on, and then the hypernova occured. He ran as fast as his body could handle to a spaceship creation station and got on the fastest spaceship he could find. He crash landed on a planet in a nearby solar system that was also populated well with people. He settled there and built shelter. Unknowingly, alot of other people escaped to the same planet as him. He set up a teleporter on that planet and then moved out to a nearby planet and put another teleporter so he could link the two. He then started Cosmitopia, a utopia for himself and anyone who needs to join. Little did he know that the planet was already populated by a species called Mimiga.

Evolution Edit

Every time Hax needs to upgrade the heart transplant he has he goes through an evolution. He usually upgrades it anually so he keeps at a normal rate so he can efficiently adapt to the changes made.

Gallery Edit