Basic Info: Kurtis Edit


Age: 11

Friends: Kieran, Hax

Family: Uncle Winged

Relationships: Uh, Kurtis created a girl named Britney with ice. And, stuff.

Appearance: Like Gekkou, but opposite. Wears a mask now, has gekko like eyes. Hair is icy, but part human. Wears icy shirt, with blue sleeves. White pants, red boots.

Abillities: Martial Arts, Controls Ice, Breathes fire.

Bio: Kurtis Edit

Kurtis was born, with his father dieing, Gekkou. Kurtis had early experience, his father's friend, Winged, taught Kurtis how to breathe fire. Kurtis called Winged, Uncle. Kurtis went through many experiences and adventures through his life. He wasn't wearing a mask before. But he commited suicide, on his birthday. He was alive again by his father's ice pebble. More adventures came, he went too fast in his abilities, and his eyes were Gekko like. Like in Gekko-u. He now wears a mask, hes afraid to show his eyes.